An indoor succulent container garden can bring instant beauty to your home or office. And, you don’t need a green thumb to achieve success with this gardening project – creating a beautiful display is easy, and the plants don’t need much ongoing care.


Ready to get started? Follow these steps, and you’ll have a gorgeous, easy-care indoor succulent garden in almost no time.

Succulent container gardening

succulent plants

Select a Variety of Succulents


To begin, head to your local garden center and choose an assortment of succulents with different textures, shapes, colors and heights. You really can’t go wrong by selecting what you like, but make sure the plants are healthy – look for plump, tender leaves and avoid any succulents that look leggy.


Gather the Necessary Gardening Supplies


While you’re at the garden center, grab up all of the other supplies for creating an indoor succulent container garden. You’ll need:



Assemble the Container Garden


Once you have your plants and gardening supplies, you can create your indoor succulent garden. Here’s what to do:


  1. Cover the bottom of your planter with a layer of pea gravel.
  2. Add garden soil until the container is about three-fourths full.
  3. Arrange the succulents however you like, but make sure they have enough space to allow for future growth.
  4. Use more garden soil to fill around the plants and cover their roots. If you want, add pea gravel for a decorative finish.
  5. Water the container garden and place it in a sunny indoor spot.


Ongoing Care for an Indoor Succulent Container Garden


Succulents prefer bright, direct light, and they need at least four hours of sunshine every day. If the container garden isn’t in a good location, you’ll know it – you’ll see the plants growing stringy as they reach out toward the light.


An indoor succulent container garden doesn’t need watering very often. You can tell when the plants need a drink by touching their lower leaves. If they seem flat and deflated, it’s time to water. You can also check for moisture in the same way you’d check a cake to see if it’s fully baked. Simply insert a chopstick or bamboo skewer into the soil, pull it out and look for clinging crumbs – if it’s completely clean, the succulents are thirsty.


To feed your indoor succulents and keep them growing healthy and beautiful, you can fertilize between the months of March and September. Ask the staff at your local garden center for advice on which fertilizer to use and how often to apply it.


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