Who doesn’t love browsing the local plant nursery and having gorgeous, bountiful home gardens? Unfortunately, doing the work to create a lush landscape can sometimes seem like a chore.

Take heart, however, because easier gardening is in reach. Use these tips from the plant nursery professionals at Millcreek Gardens, and you can enjoy a beautiful landscape without investing a ton of time and effort into the cause.
Plant nursery gardening tips

No 1: Start with Quality Garden Soil

The better the soil, the healthier the plants – and healthy plants require less attention. Test your soil, and if it’s less than optimal, visit the local plant nursery for advice on amendments.

No. 2: Choose Low-Maintenance Perennials

Before buying any plants, read their tags. For easier gardening, look for perennials – or, ask the plant nursery staff to recommend low-maintenance options.

No. 3: Group Plants with Matching Needs

If you have plants with different care needs scattered all around the yard, it will take more of an effort to keep them healthy. Group like with like for easier gardening.

No. 4: Add a Layer of Garden Mulch

Mulch makes for easier gardening, as it retains moisture and, therefore, allows you to water less often. Plus, it enriches the soil and works to help keep weeds in check.

No. 5: Pull Up Weeds When They’re Young

Speaking of weeds, pull them as soon as you see them. The younger they are, the easier the gardening task is – and, pulling weeds prevents them from reproducing.

No. 6: Take Time to Deadhead

Spend a few moments deadheading self-seeding perennials, and you’ll spend less time dividing out-of-control plants later on. If you’re not sure how, ask the local plant nursery staff.

No. 7: Use the Right Plant Fertilizer

When it comes time to feed your plants, choose an organic fertilizer from your local plant nursery. Synthetic fertilizers are more of a short-term fix, so they require more frequent application.

No. 8: Consider Raised Bed Gardens

When a garden has definite boundaries, it’s much easier to care for. Planting in raised beds also means saving your back from the strain of constant bending.

No. 9: Invest in Efficient Gardening Tools

Repetitive motions stress the joints and using some gardening tools can be painful. Ergonomic tools designed for comfortable use make for much easier gardening.

No. 10: Keep Your Garden Design Simple

When deciding on your garden design, don’t go overboard. Plan for easier gardening by keeping it simple -- only use as many outdoor plants as you can truly maintain.

If you live in northern Utah and are looking for ways to make gardening easier, stop by Millcreek Gardens. Our plant nursery is stocked with plenty of delightful low-maintenance perennials, and we carry an extensive range of ergonomic, easy-to-use gardening tools.

The friendly and knowledgeable Millcreek Gardens staff is always happy to share their expertise. For more advice on easier gardening, visit our Salt Lake City plant nursery today.