Gardening is a great outdoor hobby for kids and a healthy alternative for too much time spent in front of the TV or computer.

Working in the garden is also an excellent learning experience. It’s like a hands-on, living classroom. It also helps kids develop skills and appreciation for growing their own food.

Kids Develop a Love of Gardening

Getting your kids involved in gardening is much easier than you may think. In fact, you can start growing your own little gardeners this year by helping them develop a passion for gardening.

Give Kids their Own Gardening Space

Children love to feel a sense of ownership, and giving them their own little gardening space is a great way to pique their interest.

A large container, a few small pots or a dedicated section of your garden will do. The size of the garden doesn’t matter as much as designating the spot as theirs. Give each child his or her own spot, unless they express a desire to collaborate.

Let Kids Plan Their Garden Design

Kids can follow your directions, but they’ll be much more excited about the gardening process if they have input in the garden’s design.

Let your children plan the design of their gardening spaces, even f their choices are unconventional or impractical.

You can offer guidance but leave the choice of plants and flowers up to them. And, to give them a chance to be creative, allow them to decide how to place the plants within the garden.

Get Kid-Friendly Gardening Tools

Adult-sized gardening tools can be difficult for little hands to maneuver properly – and kids are often reluctant to keep trying if a task is too hard.

Providing your children with lightweight, child-sized garden tools will make working in the dirt easier and much more fun. Armed with their own gardening supplies, kids may not want to stop working in the garden.

Learning to care for and keep track of their own tools will also help teach kids responsibility.

Start a Garden from Seeds

While planting young seedlings can be an enjoyable gardening project for children, consider letting them start their garden from seeds instead.

Sprouting seeds and nurturing the young plants is a great way for kids to learn how living things grow. Children get excited about watching the process. In fact, they’ll be checking their garden all the time to see how their plants are progressing.

Add a Special Garden Feature

To encourage your children to spend more time outside gardening, you may want to add more than just outdoor plants, perennial flowers, fruits and vegetables to the garden.

A birdbath, sundial, pond or other feature can make your landscape more appealing and entertaining – characteristics your kids are sure to appreciate.

Applaud their Gardening Efforts

Make sure to praise your children for their efforts in the garden. Giving them positive attention for their work will help motivate them to continue.

And, whenever possible, show off their gardening space to friends, family members and neighbors. The more you applaud their work, the more they’ll be thrilled to stay involved.

Visit Your Local Garden Center Often

To get your kids to feel inspired, take them on visits to your local garden center. This gives your children an in-person view of a wide range of outdoor plants, shrubs and landscaping trees. And, with new varieties and gardening supplies coming in all the time, there’s always something new to see.

If your family lives in Utah, bring your children to Millcreek Gardens. Our staff loves helping little gardeners find their green thumbs. Visit our Salt Lake City plant nursery today, for all of your landscaping and gardening needs.