Choosing landscaping plants and design elements for a large back yard can present a challenge.

A big back yard gives your plenty of room for the family to relax, play sports and entertain friends. However, when planning your landscape and garden design, all that space can seem like a burden – not to mention a big expense.

Landscaping Plants & Designs

To make the most of your large back yard, divide and conquer the space. Then, choose large-scale landscaping plants, trees and design elements.

Divide Your Back Yard into Garden or Landscape Zones

Treating a big back yard as one giant space makes landscaping design more difficult. Without focus, the expansive space can be a nightmare to plan.

Divide your yard into several landscaping zones or sections, and you will have an easier time managing the design. You can make the individual areas flow together for a cohesive look. But breaking the project down into smaller chunks and planning each garden space separately will make the job seem much less complicated.

Create Functional Outdoor Spaces

As you plan the landscaping design of your back yard and garden areas, think of each space as an outdoor room, each with a purpose. Depending upon your needs, you may have a child’s play area, a grilling and entertaining area, a vegetable garden area and a peaceful relaxation area, for example.

Let the function of each outdoor space be a guide for its landscaping design. The choice of outdoor plants, hardscaping materials and garden features can be based upon how the space will be used.

Choose Large-Scale Landscaping Plants & Trees

To fill in a large back yard, choose large, mature landscaping plants and trees. Trees can help define your outdoor spaces and improve the overall appearance of your property. Shrubberies and large-scale outdoor plants of varying heights will fill in the lower areas and add interesting depth.

Plan the placement of your landscaping plants and trees carefully, and you can also benefit from their energy-saving properties. Shade trees can shield your home from the hot sun in the summer, so you won’t have to run the air conditioning as much. Outdoor plants help hold in precious moisture and keep the temperature down in the yard.

Layer Your Backyard Landscaping Plantings

Throughout the backyard landscaping design, use a layered approach to planting. Taking advantage of both horizontal and vertical space will give your yard a rich, textured look and feel.

Place taller plants along the edge of the yard and along the borders of your outdoor spaces. Add large shrubs for depth, and plant perennial flowers and herbs in the front for more color and interest.

Your large back yard doesn’t have to be a design dilemma or a budget-buster. For more tips on creating beautiful, functional garden spaces, visit Millcreek Gardens. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect outdoor plants, perennial flowers, landscaping trees and features for the back yard of your dreams. Visit us in Salt Lake City, Utah, today for help with selecting your landscaping plants and design elements.