A raised bed garden can make planting, weed control and harvesting much easier – and much less of a strain on your back and knees. Plus, since you can optimize the garden bed soil conditions, your veggies, herbs and flowers will flourish.

mobile raised bed garden from a shipping pallet

With a few tools and some inexpensive supplies from the hardware store and Millcreek Gardens, you can easily turn a wood shipping pallet into an attractive mobile raised bed garden. Here’s how.

Gather Your Supplies

To build a mobile raised garden bed, you’ll need the following supplies:

You’ll need to gather the following tools to complete the raised garden bed project:

Attach the Wheels

Measure the bottom of the shipping pallet and mark off spots in the corners for the caster wheels. Use decking screws to securely fasten the wheels to the pallet.

Attach the Plywood

Cut the 1×8×48” sections of plywood to perfectly match the sides of the pallet. Use the 2×4×8” sections to attach the sides to each other, placing them at the inside corners. When the sides are secured together, toe-nail the corners to the pallet, driving the screws in at opposite slants.

Paint the Entire Container

Covering the raised garden bed in an eco-friendly exterior paint will help protect the wood against water infiltration. Apply paint to the inside and outside of the container, making sure to hit any edges that will remain visible after adding the shutters.

Add Decorative Sides

If necessary, cut the plastic shutters to match the sides of your raised garden bed. Attach the shutters to the structure, using decking screws at the top and bottom corners.

Prepare Your Raised Bed Garden for Planting

Staple landscaping fabric to the garden bed, starting at the top of one side, going along the bottom of the container and reaching up to the top of the opposite side. Place a shallow layer of small drainage stones on top. Then add another layer of landscaping fabric over the stones, stretching it up to cover the exposed plywood sides. Add a second layer of stones before filling the garden bed with soil and plants.

The friendly staff at Millcreek Gardens can steer you toward the best soil mix and perfect plants for your raised garden bed. With our expert advice and container gardening tips, your flowers, herbs and veggies will thrive.

If you would like more gardening ideas or advice, Millcreek Gardens can help you tackle a range of other simple raised bed garden and landscape projects. To get started planning yours, visit us today at our Salt Lake City garden center.