February’s Utah garden center calendar is all about preparing your plants for the new growing season.

February gardening tasks

It may feel like spring is still weeks away, but it has already arrived at your local garden center – you can find everything you need to make sure your indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs, roses and trees are on track to flourish in the upcoming months.

So, how do you prepare your plants for spring? These the most important February gardening tasks.

Prune Your Roses

Most types of roses should be pruned in early spring, before the buds break open. Once the nightly hard frost has ended – which occurs sometime in February or March in most parts Northern Utah – you’ll want to prune your roses to encourage new growth. Our knowledgeable staff members can give you tips on how to prune Utah roses if you need a little guidance.

Inspect Your Fruit Trees

If you have fruit trees, your February gardening to-do list should include an inspection.

Check for caterpillar eggs, insect damage and diseased branches. If you discover any problems, head to our garden center for treatment recommendations and products. Prune as needed, and apply fertilizer to established fruit trees.

Tap Your Maple Trees

The late winter and early spring months are maple sugaring season. Freezing nights and milder days help the sap flow more freely. If you’ve never tapped your maple trees, why not give it a try this year?

Water Your Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees may need a bit of attention in the early part of the year. If the soil surrounding your evergreens is dry and unfrozen, give the trees a little water to help them along.

Repot Root-Bound Indoor Plants

Your February gardening to-do list should also include a check of your indoor plants. If any are root-bound, now is a great time to repot them, before vigorous spring growth begins. Stop by the Millcreek Gardens garden center for a wide variety of attractive, practical and affordable planters.

Sow Annual and Vegetable Seeds

If you didn’t already start sowing seeds indoors last month, consider doing so as a February gardening task. And, if the weather and soil conditions are favorable, you may even want to take a chance on sowing veggies outdoors. Peas, radishes and spinach are among the varieties that may be suited for starting from seed in late winter or early spring.

Plan an Early Start to the Spring Growing Season

You can begin growing outdoor plants earlier in February if you buy or build a cold frame or greenhouse. Whether you go with a simple DIY model or a complex, self-ventilating unit, you’ll appreciate the jump start on the spring season.

If you need more information on any of these February gardening tasks, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Millcreek Gardens can answer all of your questions. Our knowledgeable team is here and ready to help you establish a healthy, beautiful landscape this spring. For expert advice and all the plants and gardening supplies you need, visit our Salt Lake City, Utah garden center today.