In Utah, greenhouse growing is a bit different from outdoor gardening but, fortunately, achieving success is much easier than you might think.

utah greenhouse growing secrets

Once you’ve decided on the best location for your greenhouse, successful cultivation is a matter of choosing the right plants and controlling the growing conditions. The Millcreek Gardens team has assembled seven of our best pro tips to get your greenhouse off to a great start.

No. 1: Choose Hardy Plants

For beginner greenhouse gardeners, the best plants are those that have been proven to be hardy. While nearly any plant can grow in a greenhouse, choose varieties that are known for productivity, vigor and disease-resistance. These varietals will require much less attention and specialized care.

No. 2: Use Quality Garden Soil

high-quality garden soil is essential for successful greenhouse growing. A range of pre-packaged soil mixtures and specialized soils are available, or you can create their own mix. There’s no single best option here – the soil simply needs to meet the requirements of the greenhouse plants.

No. 3: Give Plants Plenty of Room to Grow

Plants need space to thrive. It may be tempting to pack your greenhouse as full as possible, but you’ll have better success if you plan ahead, to ensure that every plant has enough room to grow without running into any of its neighbors.

No. 4: Avoid Temperature Extremes

Climate control is crucial for both heated and unheated greenhouses. Greenhouse gardeners should monitor the temperature and use proper ventilation to avoid extreme drops or spikes. In warm weather, keep the vents and door open and, if equipped, the exhaust fan should be on at all times. Ventilation may also be necessary on cold, clear days – even if the outside temperature is below freezing.

No. 5: Water Greenhouse Plants as Needed

Adopting a regular watering schedule isn’t always the best approach for Utah greenhouse gardening. Many different variables affect soil moisture loss. Consequently, using a set schedule may lead to under- or overwatering. Instead, check your plants often and water thoroughly when the soil surface is dry to the touch.

No. 6: Prevent Pest Problems

Greenhouses aren’t sterile habitats, so they won’t ever be completely pest-free, but you can take steps to prevent pests from becoming a problem. Checking plants before bringing them into the greenhouse and keeping the gardening tools clean can help stop pest problems, as can removing any plants that are infested.

No. 7: Clean Out the Greenhouse Every Summer

On a sunny day in the summer, take time to empty and clean your greenhouse. Clearing out the space will get rid of any lingering insects and provide a fresh start for the next successful greenhouse growing season.

For more tips on greenhouse growing, talk to the friendly staff at Millcreek Gardens. As Northern Utah’s favorite plant nursery, we can offer expert advice to help your plants thrive.

Millcreek Gardens is also stocked with everything you need to grow vegetables, annuals, perennials and other landscape plants all year long. If you’re ready to get started with your greenhouse growing, visit our Salt Lake City garden center today.