You’ll need some gardening supplies if you’re getting ready to plant your first vegetable garden – but which ones?

Your local garden center is stocked with a wide variety of high-quality products designed for vegetable gardening. Browsing the many aisles and deciding what to purchase isn’t always easy, however - particularly for a beginner.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the gardening supplies you need to grow a bounty of fresh, healthy veggies for your family.

Good Soil

Soil isn’t just dirt – it’s an active ecosystem that supplies nutrients to your plants. Your vegetable garden will need good soil to thrive, so test your soil quality before planting. If amendments are necessary, your local garden center has the necessary gardening supplies.

Garden Hoe

To till and prepare the soil for planting, and to remove weeds from your vegetable garden later on, you’ll need a hoe. A number of sizes and shapes are available – look for one that’s comfortable to hold and use.

Garden Rake

When tending to your vegetable garden, you’ll reach for a rake quite often. A rake is useful for clearing leaves, leveling soil and covering newly-planted seeds.

Garden Shovel

For digging tasks in the garden, you’ll need a good shovel. A spade style with a sharp edge is a good choice, as it can break up the soil more quickly than a flat shovel.

Garden Trowel

When you’re working with individual plantings and seeds, a shovel doesn’t really do the job. A hand trowel with a steel blade and a well-built handle work much better for smaller gardening tasks.

Garden Gloves

Vegetable gardening can take a toll on your hands if they aren’t protected. Invest in a quality pair of lightweight cotton or heavy-duty gloves that can last through the season – you might even want to grab a couple of different pairs for different jobs.

Water Source

When you’re shopping for gardening supplies, don’t forget that you’ll need a way to water your veggies. A watering can might suffice for a small vegetable garden, but a hose and spray nozzle are necessary for larger gardens.

Other Handy Gardening Supplies

While the gardening supplies we listed above are more than enough to get you started with your first vegetable garden, you might want to consider purchasing a few other items.

Seed trays will allow you to start seeds indoors, saving you the cost of buying starter plants. A kneeling pad (or kneepads) can protect your knees while you’re planting or tending to your veggies. And, raised beds or containers can help you create ideal growing conditions, reducing back strain and helping you get a jump on the spring season.

If you’re new to the world of vegetable gardening, the friendly team at Millcreek Gardens can help you every step of the way. As the leading Northern Utah garden center, our staff has plenty of expert tips for planting, tending to and harvesting delicious homegrown veggies.

With Millcreek Gardens, growing your first vegetable garden won’t be a challenge. For help with planning, or to shop for high-quality gardening supplies, visit us in Salt Lake City today.