The Utah plant nursery professionals here at Millcreek Gardens love the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 -- Living Coral.

The Pantone Color Institute describes the shade as life-affirming and nurturing, and they say that Living Coral “encourages lighthearted activity” and “embodies our desire for playful expression.” To us, that sounds like they’re talking about gardening!

This spring, why not incorporate Living Coral into your northern Utah landscape? Here are some amazing options available at our Salt Lake City plant nursery.

Adding Pantone’s Living Coral into your Utah landscape

Hemerocallis ‘South Seas’

A dazzling variety of daylily, this perennial has grassy green foliage and gorgeous ruffled blooms in a coral-pink shade. Hemerocallis is a drought-tolerant, hardy outdoor plant that offers vigorous growth – expect several weeks of profuse blooming.

Papaver Orientale ‘Prince of Orange’

With large, cup-shaped blooms that feature a velvety-black center surrounded by vibrant tangerine petals, Papaver Orientale brings eye-catching beauty to any northern Utah garden. This easy-care poppy blooms from late spring to early summer, year after year.

Echinacea ‘Colorburst Orange’

This hybrid coneflower is multi-stemmed, with large, fragrant double flowers that attract butterflies. The petals, which are an orange-coral hue, open around a brilliant lime-green center.

Echinacea ‘Sombrero Hot Coral’

Another impressive coneflower that’s ideal for northern Utah, this variety offers prolific flowering over the spring and summer months. As the name suggests, the blooms are a striking shade of coral – and the hint of orange-red gives the petals a fiery appearance.

Heuchera ‘Peach Crisp’

This perennial stunner has tightly-packed, heavily-ruffled leaves that hold their amber-peach color all season long. Small ivory flowers pop out in late spring, adding charm and highlighting the foliage beautifully.

Rosa ‘Tropicana’

A showy hybrid tea rose that blooms profusely from spring to fall, this plant nursery pick offers coral-orange blossoms set against a backdrop of dark, semi-glossy green leaves. The flowers are intensely fragrant as well, a feature many gardeners appreciate.

Tulip ‘Apricot Emperor’

With coral-apricot petals that develop more intense color as the blooms mature, this mid-season tulip is a head-turner at the plant nursery. Placed in container gardens or planted in a large grouping on your northern Utah property, the bulbs will produce a spectacular display for several years.

Are you ready to shop for outdoor plants in Living Coral? You can find all of these options – and more – at Millcreek Gardens. Our plant nursery is also stocked with all of the gardening supplies you need to take your northern Utah landscape to the next level.

If you have questions or need some expert advice about gardening, the friendly Millcreek Gardens team is always happy to help our fellow northern Utah gardeners! To browse our vast selection of beautiful, healthy outdoor plants – and to learn our best gardening tips and tricks -- stop by our Salt Lake City plant nursery today.