If you’re ready to buy new indoor or outdoor plants, head to a local garden center.

Sure, you can get plants from a big box store – and going that route might save you a few bucks. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And quite often, people who purchase plants from a local superstore end up wishing they visited a local garden center instead.

Benefits of shopping at your local garden center

Healthy, High-Quality Plants

In many cases, the day a plant is shipped to a big box store is the last day it remains in good condition. The staff simply doesn’t provide the right level of care – and the lack of attention makes a big difference in the quality of the plants.

At the garden center, the plant-loving staff is careful with watering and feeding, which ensures large, full growth. Their hard work results in healthy plants that will thrive when you get them back home.

Wide Range of Options

Big box retailers have a limited selection of plants – typically, they offer only the most common and popular varieties. If you’re looking for options, you’d be much better off visiting a garden center.

At a garden center like Millcreek Gardens, you’ll find a diverse range of beautiful plants. You can also purchase rare varieties and plants that are native to Utah. What gardener doesn’t like the sound of that?

Local Gardening Expertise

Knowledge is power – and let’s just say that the gardening staff at big box stores isn’t very powerful. They probably won’t be able to give you much information about the specimens they have for sale, other than pointing you toward the care labels.

The staff at your local gardening center has extensive expertise and can provide precise details on the plants in their care. You can get friendly advice on local soil conditions, insects common in the region and answers to all of your gardening questions.

If you live in northern Utah and are looking for the best place to buy plants, visit Millcreek Gardens. As the leading local garden center since 1955, we offer a vast range of healthy, high-quality indoor and outdoor plants. Our staff is passionate about gardening – we’re happy to offer advice and tips for proper plant care.

Plus, when you shop at Millcreek Gardens, you’re supporting the northern Utah economy. We’re a locally-owned business, and buying from us means your dollars stay in the state – and it helps us serve gardeners in the greater Salt Lake City area for years to come.

Shopping at your favorite local garden center, Millcreek Gardens, simply makes sense. Stop by and find your perfect plants today!