Did you get your Christmas tree from a local plant nursery? Chances are, the staff is hoping you’ll find a way to repurpose the tree after the holidays.

Plant Nursey Suggestions for Repurposing Your Christmas Tree

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Americans purchase about 25 to 30 million fresh Christmas trees every year – and most are tossed to the curb just a few weeks later. Instead of adding yours to the landfill, consider trying one of our fun and easy ways to repurpose your plant nursery holiday tree.

Insulate Perennials

Christmas may have come and gone, but winter will still be in full swing for several more weeks here in northern Utah. Your perennials are vulnerable to snow and the effects of frost heaving – why not cut off the boughs of your Christmas tree and lay them over the beds as protection against Jack Frost?

Use Pine Needles for Mulch

Pine needles are quick to dry and slow to decompose, which makes them a perfect mold-free, low-moisture mulch for ground-covering plants. If you have strawberries, evergreen shrubs, hostas or other plant nursery ground-covers growing in your northern Utah garden, repurposing your holiday tree as pine needle mulch might be the way to go.

Make Wood Chip Mulch

You can also turn the branches and trunk of your tree into wood chip mulch. Rent a chipper – splitting the cost with a few neighbors, perhaps – and you’ll have nutrient-rich mulch that can regulate the temperature and prevent water loss in your outdoor plants, landscaping trees and shrubs. Not sure where to get a chipper? Ask your local plant nursery staff.

Create Edges for Garden Beds

Will you need to edge any garden beds next spring? Use your Christmas tree. Simply slice the trunk into 2-inch wide sections, then insert the rounds along the perimeter of your garden beds. You can also use the slices to line landscape paths and walkways on your property.

Make Coasters and Trivets

Wouldn’t it be cool to turn this year’s Christmas tree into next year’s Christmas presents? If you have handyman skills, you absolutely can. Cut thin, even slices from the trunk, taking care to be precise in matching the width. Sand the rounds smooth, apply a thin coat of polyurethane, and you’ll have gift-worthy coasters and trivets.

Would you rather recycle your Christmas tree? Residents of Salt Lake City and the surrounding area have several options for curbside tree pickup, and the county also has free drop-off locations. The staff at Millcreek Gardens, northern Utah’s favorite local plant nursery, can point you in the right direction.

For more ideas on repurposing Christmas trees and holiday greenery – or for expert tips on eco-friendly gardening – visit the Millcreek Gardens plant nursery in Salt Lake City today.