Are you looking for stocking stuffers for the gardeners on your holiday shopping list?

Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners

At Millcreek Gardens, we have plenty of fun ideas for gardening gifts that are small enough for stockings – and that anyone with a green thumb is sure to love. Read on for our top ten easy and inexpensive stocking stuffers for gardeners.

Garden Gloves

Gardeners tend to go through gloves rather quickly. A good pair of washable cloth or heavy-duty leather garden gloves is certain to be appreciated – just make sure to get the size right.

Seed Packets

Seed packets make for great stocking stuffers for gardeners. At Millcreek Gardens, we have a range of inexpensive, high-quality herb, flower and vegetable seeds suited for indoor or outdoor growth.

Plant Markers

Many gardeners like to label their plants, and white plastic markers are a popular (and, dare we say, boring) choice. Why not treat the gardeners on your holiday shopping list to more stylish plant markers?

Nail Brush

Digging around in the garden is a messy job – and gardeners always end up with dirt under their fingernails. As far as practical stocking stuffers go, a nail brush is hard to beat.

Hand Cream

Gardening can take a toll on the hands, leaving them dry, cracked and chapped. Heavy-duty hand creams made for gardeners are ideal gifts for anyone who loves working in the dirt.

Garden Tools

What gardeners wouldn’t enjoy seeing new garden tools in their holiday stockings? Whether you go for new pruners, a hand trowel or a multi-tool pocket knife, you’re sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Blade Sharpener

Gardeners know that sharp garden tools make gardening tasks easier. A blade sharpener is inexpensive and small enough to tuck into a stocking, yet works with pruners, shovels, hoes and other bladed tools that gardeners typically use.

Gardening Magazine Subscription

When not out working in the garden, many gardeners like to read about the latest ideas, tips and information on gardening. Subscribe to a high-quality home and garden magazine in your green thumb’s name, and slide the first issue in their holiday stocking.

Membership to a Horticultural Society

Membership in the Arbor Day Foundation, the African Violet Society, the American Fern Society or another local, regional, national or international horticultural organization is inexpensive and typically comes with a magazine or newsletter. For gardeners, horticultural society memberships are highly-valued stocking stuffers.

Garden Center Gift Certificates

If you have any picky or hard-to-please gardeners on your holiday list, Millcreek Gardens gift certificates are the best stocking stuffers. You won’t have to wonder if your gifts are hits or misses, and the recipient will look forward to shopping at our garden center.

When you’re ready to start your holiday shopping, head to Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah. With our vast selection of gardening supplies and garden center gifts – and our friendly staff to offer advice – you’re sure to find the perfect stocking stuffers for all the gardeners in your life.