Cold, icy and snowy weather can take a definite toll on your outdoor plants – particularly those that are not native to Utah or hardy for our region.

However, winter damage doesn’t have to be a cause for concern. You can take steps to protect your landscape and ensure your outdoor plants survive whatever weather we face. Here’s what you need to do.

Utah plant nursery advice

Clear the Landscape of Debris

Soggy leaves, spent blooms and other plant debris can prevent your lawn from getting the oxygen it needs. Before winter arrives, take the time to rake all of this away to improve your chances of healthy, full growth in the spring.

Bring Vulnerable Plants Indoors

Perennial container plants are likely to suffer winter damage if left outside, so find a spot for them in the garage or basement. And some of the more vulnerable plants in your garden beds may be suitable for potting and bringing inside. This will allow them to escape the harsh conditions and continue to thrive.

Provide Plant Wind Protection

Heavy winter winds can damage your outdoor plants. For protection, you can use tree wrap made of burlap netting, available at your local garden center. And to provide small shrubs and garden plants with shelter from the wind, you can build or purchase a simple A-frame windbreak.

Apply Mulch Around Your Plants

Winter mulching is an effective way to insulate outdoor plants against the cold. Apply a thick layer of high-quality organic mulch around your landscaping trees, shrubs and rose bushes – but to prevent undue stress to your plants, wait until after the first hard frost.

Prune Summer-Blooming Plants

As the summer-blooming plants in your Utah gardens will be in dormancy all winter, now is a good time to prune them. And without pruning, they’ll be more susceptible to damage and disease. But leave your spring-blooming perennials alone, because you don’t want to remove their buds.

Store Summer-Blooming Bulbs

If you leave the tender bulbs in the ground over the winter, they probably won’t survive. To protect your summer-blooming flower bulbs, dig them up. Gently clean them, let them dry completely out and store the bulbs in container filled with peat moss, wood shavings or foam packing peanuts. Place the container in a cool, dry place, and the bulbs should be ready for planting next spring.

Are your outdoor plants ready for the cold season? Millcreek Gardens, serving the Wasatch Front and greater northern Utah region, has all of the gardening supplies you need to protect your plants over the winter. And if you have questions about caring for indoor or outdoor plants, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to provide expert answers.

Millcreek Gardens can help you achieve all of your gardening goals. For advice on preparing your outdoor plants for the Utah winter weather, stop by our Salt Lake City garden center today.