Northern Utah winter weather may make working outside in the garden impossible, so why not try a fun and rewarding indoor gardening project?

Starting seeds is easy, and growing your own plants costs much less than buying seedlings in the spring. Plus, you can grow unusual, hybrid and heirloom varieties that are rarely available at the local garden center. And let’s be honest – a great gardening project might just help you keep from going stir-crazy as you’re stuck indoors this winter.

You don’t need much in the way of gardening expertise to grow plants from seed. Just follow these simple instructions to get started.

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Select Your Seeds

Though you can find seeds for outdoor plants online or purchase them through a mail order gardening catalog, but you may want to get yours from a local garden center. The staff can offer expert advice on starting seeds indoors, and any seeds sold locally are typically well-suited to the climate and growing zone.

Gather the Supplies

While you’re at the garden center to buy your seeds, grab up the other gardening supplies you need for the project. This basically consists of a growing medium designed for starting seeds and some sort of containers – you can use cell flats, small individual pots or peat cups.

Get the Timing Right

The goal in starting seeds indoors is to have seedlings that are ready to plant when the weather is favorable. So, you need to begin the gardening project at the right time – and to know when to start your seeds, check the back of their packets. Or, simply ask the staff at your local garden center.

Prepare for Planting

When it’s time to start your seeds, place the growing medium in a tub and moisten the mixture – but don’t get the soil sopping wet, you still want it to be crumbly. Fill the containers with the moist soil, and pack it down firmly. Choose a sunny spot for starting the seeds, as seedlings need plenty of daytime light to grow strong.

Start the Seeds

Your seed packets should tell you the depth for planting, but you can always ask the garden center staff if you aren’t sure. Some gardening experts recommend placing two seeds in each container as a bit of insurance, but if you go that route and both sprout, only allow one to grow.

Care for the Seedlings

To speed up the growing process, you can cover your containers with plastic wrap and remove it once you see the seeds sprout. As the seedlings continue to grow, use a mister to keep the soil moist and feed them liquid fertilizer on a regular basis. For advice on which fertilizer to use, stop by the local garden center.

You can get all of the gardening supplies you need for starting seeds – and expert answers to your questions about the winter gardening project – right here at Millcreek Gardens.

Our friendly and knowledgeable garden center associates are more than happy to help northern Utah gardeners achieve their gardening goals. For more tips on starting seeds indoors, head to Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City today.