Dads love to be outside tending to the lawn and garden, so what better Father’s Day gift could you get him than gardening tools? Whether he's squeezing in garden projects between office hours and tee time, or making his dream landscape come alive, your dad is sure to enjoy a new piece of equipment  for the yard.Come to Millcreek Gardens, Salt Lake City’s favorite garden center, to browse our wide selection of Father’s Day gifts.

gardening supplies

Gifts for the Lawn

Dads are known to love a lush, healthy green lawn. Give your dad a head start, and gift him some rolls or squares of sod. All you have to do is lay it down and water it and you have an instantly beautiful lawn.

If your dad would think that using sod was cheating, get him some bags of grass seed and soil conditioner. We sell many types of soil created especially for lawns, vegetable gardens, flowers, trees and more.

If your dad already has an adequate lawn, you can give him gifts to turn it into the showpiece he really wants. Buy him some weed killer to get rid of those dandelions and the ugly crabgrass. Get some pest control supplies to thwart the slugs and cutworms. Throw in some fertilizer, a spreader and a few dozen bags of mulch and you’ll know where to find him every Saturday morning.

Garden Tools for Him

As much as dads love chainsaws, drills and other power tools, they also love the quiet strength gardening tools provide. Raking, hoeing, pruning and trimming on a quiet weekend is almost like meditating.

Check out our Salt Lake City garden center’s supply of spades, shears, trowels, cultivators and clippers. We even sell cleaning tools such as brooms and mops for washing windows and cleaning algae from backyard ponds.

Plants Dads Love

Does your dad have prize rosebushes he lovingly tends to after dinner each night? Or does he put on his overalls and head out to his vegetable garden in the evenings a la Mr. McGregor to train the cucumber vines or cage the tomatoes? Supersize his enjoyment by getting him more of what he loves — a new variety of rosebush, some butter bean seedlings or packets of beefsteak tomato seeds.

Don’t forget the fruit! Strawberries are delicious and easy to grow; get some rhubarb too and tell dad you expect a pie later this season.

If he loves to cook or grill, get your dad some herbs — chives, dill, fennel, basil, mint, oregano, marjoram, parsley, rosemary — to add to his favorite dishes.

If you’re looking to splurge on something heftier for dad, consider getting him starter hedges, perennial shrubs or a fruit tree such as an apple, peach, pear or cherry.

When you’re not sure what your dad wants from our Salt Lake City nursery for Father’s Day — or you think he already has everything — get him a gift card so he can pick out exactly what he wants. Come with him to Millcreek Gardens and help him pick out his gift to make it more special. He’ll love looking through the plant supplies, garden products, tools and more — and he’ll love you for thinking of him.