Mother’s Day will be here before you know it — do you have a gift for your mom yet? Over the years, certain Mother’s Day gift traditions have developed — brunch, flowers, candy. Brunch will be overcrowded and expensive, cut flowers will only last a week or so and candy is nice, but a plant will remind your mom of how much you love her for many years to come. Come to Salt Lake City’s favorite plant nursery — Millcreek Gardens — for the best selection of indoor and outdoor plants, as well as sage advice from out professional gardeners.

flowering plants

Indoor Plants for Mom

If your mom lives in an apartment or has a yard that’s unsuitable for plants, you may want to buy her an indoor plant from our nursery. Shoppers tend to like to buy their moms flowering plants, such as cyclamen, lilies, orchids and African violets. All are beautiful and great choices! However, if your mom doesn’t have a green thumb, you may want to stay away from orchids, which take a little extra TLC to thrive.

Green plants also make great gifts. They brighten up a home and provide needed oxygen. Think snake plants, philodendrons, ferns and spider plants for Mother’s Day.

Outdoor Plants for Mom

If you want to get your mom a perennial shrub such as an azalea, rhododendron or lilac, you may want to check with her first to make sure she has a good spot for it. Otherwise, go with some stunning annuals such as petunias, impatiens or geraniums. Geraniums love the hot Utah sun, while impatiens need a bit of shade.

If your mom’s yard has a lot of shade, you may want to consider hostas, lilies of the valley or foxglove. The hostas will grow big and can be divided every few years, while the lilies and foxgloves will spread and propagate on their own, creating a beautiful landscape of delicate flowers that your mom can pick and bring indoors every year.

Planting with Mom

To make your gift doubly special, we suggest arriving at your mom’s house with your plant(s), hat, gloves and trowel, ready to do the digging for her. If your mom truly loves gardening, pick up some seed packets of sunflowers, zinnias and other easy-to-grow flowers and you can both plant them together. Get takeout when you’re done so you don’t have to shower and change after you’re worn out from an afternoon of gardening.

Whenever you need garden products for yourself, your mom, your dad or anyone who loves gardening, remember Millcreek Gardens of Salt Lake City. We carry a full line of plants, plant supplies, soil, sod, mulch, shade trees and more. We’re the area’s No. 1 landscape supply outlet.