Your local Salt Lake City garden center is your landscape’s best friend during the dog days of summer.

With the rising temperatures that come with the month of August, gardening can present some daunting challenges. Here at Millcreek Gardens, our garden center staff recommends getting chores done in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the hottest time of day. And, of course, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, stay hydrated and take frequent breaks.

What does your garden need this month? Here are all the necessary August gardening tasks you’ll want to handle.

Salt Lake City Garden Center Calendar August Gardening Tasks

Keep Up with Your Watering

With the summer heat, watering is a primary August gardening concern. Deep water established landscaping trees and shrubs at least once, and make sure your outdoor plants have an ample supply.

Plant Cool Season Veggies

If you want a fall harvest, early August is the time to start thinking about planting. Cool season crops, including beets, cabbage, onion, and spinach, can all be planted now.

Deadhead Your Perennial & Annual Flowers

Just as in the previous spring and summer months, you’ll need to make deadheading a part of your August gardening chore list. Getting rid of the spent blossoms makes the garden look nicer and it encourages your perennials and annuals to flower again.

Prune Your Hybrid Rose Bushes

Later in the month, hybrid rose bushes can use a little pruning. Removing about a third of the growth can help promote better fall blossoming.

Trim Your Summer-Blooming Trees and Shrubs

Once your summer-blooming landscaping trees and shrubs have finished flowering, check them over and remove any dead or diseased branches. While you’ve got the pruners, trim them a bit for shape.

Plant New Evergreen Trees

If you want to add an evergreen tree or two to your northern Utah property, get them at your local garden center now. August planting ensures good rooting before wintertime. Ask the garden center staff for recommendations on planning, fertilizing, watering and mulching your new landscaping trees.

Watch Out for Weeds and Garden Pests

Keeping an eye out for weeds and pests is another must-do August gardening task. Dig up or carefully pull weeds as soon as you seem them emerge, and head to your local garden center for treatment if you see any pests among your outdoor plants.

Do you need advice or supplies for your August gardening tasks? The friendly staff at Millcreek Gardens, northern Utah’s leading garden center, is always happy to share their expertise. Just ask, and we’ll give you tips and pointers on how to accomplish all your gardening goals.

For expert advice all the gardening supplies you need to keep your indoor and outdoor plants at their best, stop by our Salt Lake City garden center today.