Planting seeds or purchasing plant nursery seedlings: Which is the better approach for planting a new garden?

Each approach has its pros and cons, and deciding whether to start from seed or buy established seedlings from a local garden center generally comes down to personal preference. Many northern Utah gardeners do both, choosing seeds for some fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers, and going with transplants for others.

So which approach is right for your garden?

Seeds vs. Plant Nursery Seedlings Which is Best for a New Garden

Pros and Cons of Planting Seeds

Starting a new garden from seed offers several advantages. The pros of planting seeds include:

Variety – When you start plants from seed, you have more plant choices.
Cost – Seeding is less expensive than buying seedlings from a local plant nursery.
Satisfaction – Few gardening tasks are as rewarding as growing a plant from a tiny seed.

Planting seeds isn’t always the preferred approach for a new garden, however. Seeding has a few cons, including:

Time – Growing a new garden from seed takes several weeks of daily care.
Space – Not all gardeners have room for seeding trays, tools, and equipment.
Loss – Seeding is a delicate process, so it brings a greater chance of losing plants.

Pros and Cons of Planting Seedlings

Many northern Utah gardeners prefer to purchase seedlings grown at a local plant nursery. The pros of this gardening approach include:

Convenience – Planting seedlings is much quicker and easier than seeding.
Control – Starting a new garden with transplants offers more predictable results.
Gratification – Gardeners delight in going from an empty garden bed to rows of tiny plants.

Transplants aren’t always best for a new garden. Plant nursery seedlings come with a few cons:

Selection – With transplants, varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs to choose from are limited.
Expense – Though planting seedlings can be cost-effective, transplants are generally more expensive than seeding your garden.
Shock – It doesn’t happen often with seedlings from a quality local plant nursery, but transplants can wilt or die off if they aren’t hardened properly prior to planting.

Should You Start with Seeds or Seedlings?

If you’re weighing the advantages and drawbacks of seeding versus buying plant nursery seedlings, speak with a local gardening expert.

Some veggies, herbs and flowers don’t do well when transplanted. Others can be a challenge to grow from seed. Experimenting with seeding can be fun, but a little guidance from a gardening expert can help you avoid losing plants.

The friendly staff at Millcreek Gardens can help you decide whether starting from seed or purchasing seedlings is the best option for the types of plants you plan to feature in your new garden. We’re always happy to help put northern Utah gardeners on the path to gardening success.

To chat with a local gardening expert, stop by our beautiful Salt Lake City plant nursery today.