Outdoor plants in creepy container gardens make for a fun and mysterious alternative to traditional Halloween decorations. Who needs fake cobwebs and plastic skeletons when real-life spooky plants are available at your local garden center?

Spooky Outdoor Plants for Haunted Halloween Container Gardens

For some of Mother Nature’s creations, every day is Halloween. Below are some of our favorite weird and wonderful outdoor plant varieties for delightfully frightening container gardens.

Venus Flytraps

Carnivorous outdoor plants can add a spine-chilling touch to your Halloween décor. Venus flytraps, perhaps the most infamous variety, feature gaping jaws and fringed, alien-like trigger hairs. And, adults and kids alike will enjoy watching these spooky plants snare unsuspecting insects.

Pitcher Plants

No doubt about it, pitcher plants are perfect for Halloween container gardens. Their long, elegant pitcher-shaped leaves look creepy and strange, and the way they lure insects to their demise is like something straight out of a horror movie.

Cobra Plants

Cobra plants are certain to grab the attention of your trick-or-treaters. With hooded, curled leaves that resemble a striking snake – and reddish-purple appendages that look just like a forked tongue or fangs – these carnivorous outdoor plants are seriously spooky. And, they can grow up to three feet tall!


What could be better for a Halloween display than spooky plants that could almost double for giant, hairy spiders? Sundews have masses of fuzzy stems that resemble spider legs. And, like spiders, sundews are no friends to insects. Their sweet-smelling dew traps and dissolves prey.

Crested Euphorbias

The crested euphorbia is among the creepiest outdoor plant varieties, one of Mother Nature’s monstrous-looking mutants. This plant is fantastically freaky, as it’s really two plants that have been grafted together. With their odd, fan-shaped growths, crested euphorbias can bring an out-of-this-world look to your Halloween container gardens.

Black Mondo Grass

Technically speaking, black mondo grass isn’t actually grass, but a sod-forming perennial. However, these spooky outdoor plants grow just like a tall grass – and it’s black, a must-have color for any Halloween display.

Japanese Blood Grass

Would you like a slightly gory-looking Halloween container garden? Add some Japanese blood grass. In the fall, the tips of this ornamental grass turn red – which makes the blades look as if they were dipped in blood.

Dyckia Plants

When it comes to spooky plants, Dyckia is in a league of its own, as it looks a little dangerous. Dyckia isn’t carnivorous, but with leaves covered in spiky, shark-like teeth, this plant seems ready to take a bite out of anyone passing by.

Here at Millcreek Gardens, Northern Utah’s favorite garden center, we love Halloween and all the fun of fall. Our friendly staff would be happy to help you design creepy container gardens to delight your family and the neighborhood trick-or-treaters. For a wide selection of outdoor plants, visit our Salt Lake City nursery and garden center today.