Utah native plants hold a special place in our hearts, here at Millcreek Gardens.

As Salt Lake City’s favorite local garden center, we have countless flowers, shrubs, trees and outdoor plants for you to choose from. But, whenever possible, we like to recommend plants that are native to northern Utah.


Of course, you can always choose to enhance your landscape with exotic ornamental plant species. However, choosing outdoor plants that grow naturally in our region makes good sense for a few reasons.

Native Plants Thrive in Northern Utah’s Climate and Soil Conditions

When you invest in native plant species, you never have to wonder if they’ll grow well in our climate region. Over the millennia, these outdoor plants have evolved to become perfectly adapted to the local soil, rainfall and temperature conditions.

So, unlike exotic varieties, plants that are naturally found in this region are perfectly suited for Utah gardens. As long as they get enough sun and water, they should thrive.

Utah Native Plants Protect the Natural Ecosystem

Native plant species coexist with the natural environment, providing important food and shelter for the region’s wildlife. Using these plants to beautify a landscape can help reverse the disturbing trend of species loss.

To help protect local water quality, native plants better control soil erosion and moderate the effect of droughts and floods than many non-native options. And, because these varieties stay greener longer, using them throughout your landscape could help slow the spread of wildfires.

Native Plants Require Less Maintenance

When Utah native plant species are properly planted and well-established, they don’t require much long-term care.

Compared with exotic ornamental plants, Utah native varieties need less water, fertilizer and maintenance. These outdoor plants are better able to resist damage from drought, disease, freezing temperatures and hungry herbivores too, so you won’t have to spend much time or money on their continual care. You’ll also cut down on water use – and the associated costs.

Choosing the Right Utah Native Plants for You

At a well-stocked local garden center like Millcreek Gardens, you’ll find dozens of native plant varieties.

We have wide range of interesting deciduous and evergreen landscaping trees and shrubs. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous fall color, spring flowers or noteworthy foliage, our expansive garden center has you covered.

We also offer many different perennial flowers, annual flowers and ornamental grasses that are native to Utah. When you see all the varieties available, you may not even want to consider exotic ornamental plant species.

If you’d like to add more native species to your landscape or garden, come visit us at Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would love to help you find the perfect Utah native plants.