In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on watering your plants in the garden this summer. This is the period of the year where watering is most important due to the heat plants are facing, and there are a few conditions and themes to keep in mind when performing this basic duty.

At Millcreek Gardens, we’re happy to offer not only a wide range of garden plants, shrubs and other products, but also expertise on how to care for and nurture the various elements of your garden this summer. In today’s part two, we’ll hone in on some specific tips we can give our clients on when to water, how to water and some of the other important themes associated with this process.

summer gardening plant watering

Root Zone

As you water various plants in your garden, it’s vital to remember that it’s not the visible leaves or flowers that need the water – it’s the roots of the plant, generally located inside the soil in which it’s planted. You’re wasting water if you only focus it on the various foliage elements, plus could be promoting disease formation.

Water should be targeted for the soil, which should be composed in way that allows moisture to seep down and be collected by the roots. We’ll talk more about watering depth in a moment.

Watering Timing

In many cases, automatic watering timers will be ideal for gardens. However, it’s also important to be careful here – watering should be done when needed, and there is such thing as too much water when there are periods of rain. You can damage plants with too much water.

Generally speaking, we recommend watering in the morning in most cases. This gives and moisture on leaves or other foliage time to dry out, which as we noted above will help prevent certain diseases.

Thorough Watering

When watering, be sure moisture is able to seep well into the soil area. Lawns and various annuals tend to maintain roots about six inches into the soil, while perennials, shrubs and trees are a bit deeper. The heavier the soil, the longer it will take for water to penetrate each level.

Mulch Themes

Mulch is a valuable substance for a garden when it comes to watering themes. It helps reduce surface runoff and also covers the soil from the sun, allowing water to go to root systems rather than being evaporated.


Finally, ensure you have the proper equipment present for watering a given plant or area. Soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems are often ideal tools here for many situations.

For more on watering your garden this summer, or to learn about any of our garden supplies or plant nursery solutions, speak to the staff at Millcreek Gardens today.