As August draws to a slow, lazy close in Salt Lake City, it’s time to start thinking about getting your outdoor plants ready for fall. It may be hard to believe because it’s still so hot, but trust us, now the time to get out of the hammock and grab your gloves and shears.

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Deadhead Outdoor Plants

Start by deadheading all your flowers, both perennials and annuals. Deadheading redirects the plant’s energy from producing seeds to growing new blossoms in these last few weeks. Plus, it looks so much prettier and more cheerful than all those drooping flowers!

While you can pinch some blossoms off with your fingers, others require a heavier tool. You can find a wide variety of clippers and shears at Millcreek Gardens, suitable for cutting the tiniest gnarly stem all the way up to small tree branches.

Prepping Trees & Shrubs for End of Summer

Give your trees and shrubs a last long drink. They’ll need it this month, but in September they’ll be preparing for dormancy.

Remember not to prune trees and shrubs that flower in the spring — you may cut off potential blossoms. The right time to prune trees and shrubs depends on the type you have. Don’t know what’s right for your outdoor plants? Just call and talk to one of the experts at Millcreek Gardens. We’ll help you make the right choice.

If you don’t have any trees or shrubs, now’s the time to think about planting some this fall.

Fertilize Outdoor Plants

Once you’re done deadheading and pruning, you’ll want to fertilize. It can be hard to cut plants back in August because you still enjoy their color so much. But in some cases, the bloom is off the rose — literally.

Encourage quick regrowth with a dose of fertilizer. Millcreek Gardens sells many brands and varieties. Tell us what you want to fertilize and we’ll tell you what type you need.

Protect Your Garden Plants

You’ve been good all season about protecting your garden plants from pests — don’t stop now! Keep an eye out for aphids, codling moths and mites on your apple and pear trees, and look out for turfgrass bugs, wasps and borers.

Our plant store sells a variety of disease and pest control solutions, including an entire line created just for organic gardens. If you’re not sure what’s attacking your plants, take pictures of the damage and consult with one of our experts when you come in. We can help you identify the problem.

Did you start vegetable seeds this year? Now is the time to get those fall vegetable plants in the ground. Pumpkins, butternut squash, radishes and more will thrive in the cooler weather.

Whenever you’re looking for garden plants for sale in Salt Lake City, or just some advice about the care and feeding of either outdoor or indoor plants, come see the knowledgeable staff at Millcreek Gardens. We’re here to help you grow.